On Friday (8/27) all the phones in Peabody were moved to the University’s new phone service.

Other Options and Features

Call Forwarding

About two months ago, you received an email from no-reply-voiceservices@unc.edu with the subject line SAVE THIS EMAIL Until Your New Phone Service Is Installed. To set up the call forwarding, you will use the username and password included in that email. You can find instructions to set up your call forwarding on the New and Enhanced Phone Services website.

Remote Calling Features Available

If you need to use the additional features, such as remote calling, you use the username and password from the same email after you download the required software to your computer or mobile phone. You can find step-by-step instructions and the Communicator software download on the New and Enhanced Phone Services website.

All the phone lines have been assigned the Basic Communicator software. Be sure you enter the correct server address when you log in to the software. Once you have set up your software, you can find instructions for making calls on the New and Enhanced Phone Services website.

Requesting Voicemail to Email

The standard process for requesting the new voicemail to email feature is still a work in progress. For now, if you are interested in this feature, please submit a request via SOE EdIT Services and we will coordinate this for you.