The COVID-19 pandemic has driven exponential grown in video creation and sharing, and the current video-audio storage systems (Zoom & Warpwire) are no longer cost-effective. Therefore, campus has rolled out Panopto as the centrally supported video-audio storage and management system to support the University needs for the foreseeable future. Panopto will give faculty, staff, and students more control to record, edit, and share recordings, but does require action now.

Action Required: We strongly recommended that all SOE personnel log into Panopto ASAP to facilitate a smooth transition. Please log into Panopto here:

Alan is leading a training on “Getting Started with Panopto” tomorrow (12/10) and it is not too late to register: Register to Attend

Beyond giving us additional functionality and storage space, the Panopto rollout will also affect Zoom cloud recordings and Warpwire hosted content.

Zoom Cloud Recordings

Zoom is not going away. However, Zoom cloud recordings will now be hosted in Panopto rather than Zoom. Beginning 11/23/2020 all Zoom cloud recordings are automatically copied to Panopto. Beginning 2/1/2021 all Zoom cloud recordings will be automatically removed from Zoom after 30 days.

Action Required: If you need to retain Zoom cloud recordings made before 11/23/2020, you must download them from Zoom by 2/1/2021. You can then upload them to Panopto for distribution.

These dates determine where Zoom recordings are available:

  • Recordings made before 11/23/2020: Will be available in Zoom until 2/1/2021 and must be moved to Panopto manually.
  • Recordings made between 11/23/2020 & your first Panopto login: Will be available in Panopto via a Service Request.
  • Recordings made after your first Panopto login: Will be available in Panopto in My Folder > Meeting Recordings.
  • All Panopto content: Will be available in Panopto for two years after the date it was last accessed.

More information about this transition, accessing recordings via Panopto, and instructions for moving your own content are available here: Zoom: Panopto Cloud Recording Transition

Warpwire Content

Panopto will gradually replace Warpwire by 6/30/2021.

Action Required: You must replace all Warpwire content in Sakai with Panopto by 6/30/2021.

The key dates for this transition are:

  • 11/30/2020: Zoom-Warpwire integration disabled
  • 2/1/2021 – 5/17/2021: Warpwire content migrated to Panopto (migration details TBD)
  • 5/17/2021: Warpwire tool removed from Sakai; upload function in Warpwire disabled
  • 6/30/2021: Warpwire contract ends and all content expires

For more information about the Warpwire to Panopto transition, please see:

More About Panopto

Panopto is available all faculty, staff, and students and allows you to capture, edit, and share video and audio content. This tool is integrated with Zoom and serves as the repository for all cloud recordings. Panopto is also integrated with Sakai and allows you to capture and share videos within your Sakai course and project sites.

UNC; Panopto resources, training, and FAQs:

SOE; Panopto: Getting Started:

SOE; Register for “Getting Started with Panopto” training tomorrow (12/10): Register to Attend

Note: All central campus information about Panopto is valid for School of Education users, however some of the migration/availability dates are different. Please reference this message and associated SOE content for accurate dates.


If you have questions about Panopto, Zoom, or Warpwire, please reach out to us via a help request and we’d be happy to help: