We have completed the 2nd phase of our website redesign project: Auxiliary Websites!

What’s an Auxiliary Website?

An Auxiliary Website is a website created, maintained or supported by faculty, staff or students of the School of Education in relation to official job responsibilities or official school-sanctioned activities.

If you have ever created a website for your research project, SOE-sponsored event, lab or center, or any other SOE-related activities, chances are that was an Auxiliary Website.

New Website Templates

Along with our design partners at NewCity, we’ve created two template designs using branding that matches the new ed website. You can see them here:

Auxiliary Website Template Design

This design is a basic template that can be applied to any kind of project.

Auxiliary Website Blog Template Design

This design is for projects where a blog is a central component of the website.

These website templates use the WordPress editor and are extensions of the university’s Heelium theme. We will be using the university’s self-service publishing platform, web.unc.edu, for all Auxiliary Websites.

Do I have to start using these templates?

Yes, but not just yet.

We are still developing our policies around how these templates get used and a timeline for rolling them out to new and existing website users. In the meantime, check them out and let Gia know if you have any specific questions or concerns.