This article has been updated to reflect the final installation dates and other new information.

EdIT is pleased to announce two exciting changes that will be rolling out in December.

New Equipment and Locations

UNC’s managed printing division, Carolina Managed Print Services (CMPS), recently renewed their contract with Xerox. As part of the new agreement, the School of Education will be upgrading its printers and copiers ahead of schedule. These new devices will offer an improved user interface and better reliability. New machines are tentatively scheduled for delivery in October.

This new deployment will consist of two multi-function device (MFD) models: the Altalink 8056, which is a full-size MFD and is comparable to the currently deployed Work Centre 7556 devices; and the VersaLink C405, which is a smaller but very capable MFD.

Peabody Hall has seen many changes since the current generation of printers and copiers was deployed. Some spaces which once served only a few people are now supporting much larger groups, and other spaces house printers with limited usage. These changes required EdIT to re-evaluate device models and locations. Below is a listing of the upcoming printer and copier locations.

G012VersaLink C405
G040VersaLink C405
G068AltaLink 8056
1010VersaLink C405
1028AltaLink 8056
1050AltaLink 8056
1065VersaLink C405
1096VersaLink C405
1070JAltaLink 8056
2050VersaLink C405
2010LAltaLink 8056
3010VersaLink C405
3028AltaLink 8056
3040VersaLink C405
CCEEAltaLink 8056

Software/Workflow changes

Papercut MF is a print management application that has been use in SOE for several years. It provides tracking and reporting beyond what is available through other methods, and enables additional features such as Web Print.

With the imminent arrival of the new devices, EdIT will also be updating our Papercut deployment to take advantage of new features. This update entails two main changes which are outlined below.

Follow-Me Printing

There are a lot of factors to think about when you need to print something in Peabody Hall. Have you already installed the printer you need? Did you choose the right one when you hit print? Is the machine tied up while someone is making course packs, or temporarily out of commission with a paper jam?

Follow-Me Printing is a solution that solves all of these problems in a simple way. It provides a single print destination that can be accessed and released by any capable device on the network. In other words, instead of having to install and choose a specific printer (and hope that it is available working), you’ll simply print to the Follow-Me Printer, find the printer closest to you, and log in and release your print job. You can even change print settings before printing, such as color or b&w, paper size, and one- or two-sided.

Not only does this simplify the printing experience, it saves resources. Since print jobs don’t actually print until you release them, this will avoid abandoned pages that just have to be recycled. This also means that you don’t have to be concerned about printing something sensitive, as it won’t come out of the printer until you’re present and ready to receive it.

Papercut MF Interface on printers

In order to provide a seamless experience, the Papercut user interface will partially replace the Xerox interface. This will provide simplified scanning (with pre-populated personal email address), enable print release for Follow-Me printing, and give EdIT better insights into copy utilization.

Papercut includes many other features that we aren’t currently using, but having the Papercut Interface on each printer will make it easier for EdIT to test and deploy additional features in the future.

First machine already in place

Although the majority of printers won’t be delivered until December, the copier outside G070 (near the EdIT suite) has already been upgraded, and is being used to test these new features before they are rolled out to the entire building.

Of course, EdIT will provide training for all of these changes and new features once the new devices are delivered and configured. Be on the lookup for training announcements soon!