The School printer and copier upgrade that we’ve previously communicated is coming this Monday, 12/13/21. This is a major upgrade that will bring several new features, but is also a change that will require action for all School of Education employees. Information about the new features are detailed in the Resources Available section below.

What to Expect on Monday

Throughout the day all current School Xerox devices will go offline one by one as they are upgraded to the new devices. Coupled with the other printers we are removing on Friday, printing will be largely unavailable until the upgrades are complete. Please be patient with us as we perform these upgrades, and if you know of any pressing printing needs you will have on Monday, please let us know as soon as possible.

Once the upgrades are complete, we will send out another announcement detailing the steps needed to connect to the new devices.

Trainings Available

We are offering two trainings on the new printing devices and features:

Thursday, 12/9/21 at 3:00 PM (pre-upgrade)
Peabody G010/Zoom

Friday, 12/17/21 at 10:00 AM (post-upgrade)
Peabody G010/Zoom

Resources Available

Print/Scan/Copy: Overview
Provides an overview of the new Xerox multi-function devices (MFD) and features available.

Print/Scan/Copy: Follow-Me Printing
Details the new Follow-Me printing feature that enables School employees to print to a single printer and release the print at any of our new MFDs.

Print/Scan/Copy: FAQs and Troubleshooting
Covers frequently asked questions and troubleshooting steps for printing, scanning, and copying with our new MFDs.

Print/Scan/Copy: Adding a Shared Network Printer
Details steps to connect to School printers.