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April 12, 2021

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Eric Houck elected to leadership of National Education Finance Academy

Faculty member Eric Houck has been elected vice president of the National Education Finance Academy. With the election, Houck is in line to serve as vice president during 2021-22, as president-elect in 2022-23, then as president in 2023-24. The NEFA is a group of scholars, students, practitioners, and policymakers who are interested in the study of P-12 education finance. Houck has served the NEFA on its Board of Advisors, as an associate chair, and as chair of its Communications Committee. The election took place during the annual meeting of the NEFA last week.


Student Chris Needham, Eric Houck win awards at NEFA annual meeting

Faculty member Eric Houck and doctoral student Chris Needham won awards announced at the annual meeting of the National Education Finance Academy. Needham and Houck were winners of the Journal of Education Finance Article of the Year Award for their article “The Inequities of Special Education Funding in North Carolina.” Needham also was named the winner of the William and Patricia Fowler Award. The award supports promising graduate students focused on applied research for the improvement of education finance and budgeting practice.


Dean Abd-El-Khalick urges support for education in newspaper column

An opinion column by Dean Fouad Abd-El-Khalick, published by the News & Observer of Raleigh and the Charlotte Observer on Sunday, calls for stronger state support for education. The column describes the need for a range of professionals who support the education and welfare of children and youth. It also describes some of the efforts of educator preparation programs, including the School of Education’s, in seeking to address those needs. The column is here.


Troy Sadler invited to speak at EuroScitizen meeting

Faculty member Troy Sadler is the invited speaker at a meeting in May of EuroScitizen, an European Union-funded network that works to raise scientific literacy in Europe. Sadler has been invited to give the plenary address and will talk about his research around the use of Socioscientific Issues (SSI) in science education. The approach uses science topics in the news to engage middle- and high school-learners in science concepts. Sadler’s talk focus on the use of SSI in the teaching of evolution.


Book co-edited by three alumni wins award

A book co-edited by three School of Education Ph.D. program graduates has won a 2021 Society of Professors of Education Outstanding Book Award. The book — “Acts of Resistance: Subversive Teaching in the English Language Arts Classroom” was co-edited by Jeanne Dyches (’19, Ph.D.), Brandon Sams (’12, Ph.D.), and Ashley S. Boyd (B.A. ’04, MAT ’05, Ph.D. ’14). SPE gives the award to books that help readers in understanding the relationship between education and the social complexities in which schools are contextualized and in fostering inquiry into the history, current status, and future alternatives of teaching, learning, and education. Dyches and Sams are both assistant professors at Iowa State University. Boyd is an associate professor of English education at Washington State University. This is her fourth book.


Nominations sought for Teaching Excellence Award

The School’s Teaching Excellence Awards Committee invites and encourages current students and graduates who received their degree within the past year to nominate a School of Education faculty member. The nomination form and award criteria are here.


AERA presentations

Following is a list of people affiliated with the School of Education and the titles of their presentations or descriptions of other involvement at the 2021 annual conference of the American Educational Research Association, in alphabetical order by lead author. Current faculty members are denoted by boldface. Students, postdoctoral fellows, retired faculty and others denoted by underscore.

Jessica Ferra Benton. How School Community Members Discuss Power During a Community School Implementation: A Case Study.

Jessica Ferra Benton. Using Organizing Techniques in Education: A Case Study of Two Community Schools in North Carolina.

Matthew L. Bernacki, Meghan J. Greene. Posing Math Problems About STEM Careers: An Examination of Scaffolds and the Role of Interest.

Matthew L. Bernacki, Jeff A. Greene, Robert D. Plumley, Kelly Hogan, Kathleen M. Gates, Abigail Panter. Examining the Critical Roles of Evaluation and Adaptation in Reflective Writing and Self-Regulated Learning.

Matthew L. Bernacki, Robert D. Plumley, Kelly Hogan, Kathleen M. Gates, Abigail Panter, Jeff A. Greene. Self-Regulated Learning Behaviors in Learning Management Systems and Their Implications for Academic Achievement in Higher Education.

Matthew L. Bernacki. Coping With the Transition to Remote Instruction: Self-Regulation and Depletion in a Large Postsecondary Biology Course.

Matthew L. Bernacki. The Dynamics of Self-Efficacy and Anxiety in Biology Courses: A Parallel Latent Growth Curve Model.

Matthew L. Bernacki. Profiles of STEM Vocational Interests: Relations With Sociodemographics and Math Academic Interest.

Michael Berro, Matthew L. Bernacki, Robert D. Plumley, Kelly Hogan, Kathleen M. Gates, Abigail Panter, Jeff A. Greene. Examining Expectancy-Value Beliefs and Traces of Engagement in Science as a Function of Prior Knowledge.

Michael Berro, Matthew L. Bernacki, Robert D Plumley, Kelly Hogan, Kathleen M. Gates, Abigail Panter, Jeff A. Greene. Effects of Prior Knowledge on Relations Among Expectancies, Values, Costs, Digital Behavioral Engagement, and Achievement.

Margaret R. Burchinal. AERA Educational Policy Handbook Roundtable Session: Early Childhood Education Contexts and Outcomes.

Danbi Chloe. Preliminary Outcomes of Culturally Focused Social-Emotional Learning for Korean Immigrant Youth During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Danbi Chloe. A Progress Model for Developing Culturally Focused Social Emotional Learning Program.

Nitasha M. Clark, Charna D’Ardenne. Enacting Imprisonment on Students With Significant Support Needs.

Nitasha M. Clark, Charna D’Ardenne. Unmasking the Intersection of Race and Disability in Students With Significant Support Needs.

Lora A. Cohen-Vogel. AERA Educational Policy Handbook Roundtable Session: Design-Based Research and Continuous Improvement.

Lora A. Cohen-Vogel. A Framework for Scaling Deeper Learning: Concepts and Cases.

Dionne Cross Francis. Step Into Another’s Shoes: Unpacking Teachers’ Empathy Dispositions in Culturally Diverse Classrooms.

Dionne Cross Francis. Discussant in paper session: Motivation in Mathematics.

Dionne Cross Francis. Three School Visions, Three Different Outcomes: The Importance of Action in School Vision.

Dionne Cross Francis. Goals, Appraisals, and Emotions: The Prevalence of Blended Emotions in Elementary Mathematics Teaching.

Dionne Cross Francis. Elementary Mathematics Teacher Identity: Perceptions and Tensions.

James W. Cunningham. Panelist in invited speaker session: The Life and Legacy of S. Jay Samuels: Seminal World Contributions to the Study of Reading.

Thurston Domina. Participant in journal talk session, representing Educational Researcher.

Thurston Domina. Participant: AERA Council of Editors: Closed Business Meeting.

Thurston Domina. Participant: AERA Journal Publications Committee Reception.

Nianbo Dong. Experimental Power for Cross-Level Mediation in School-Randomized Studies of Teacher Development.

Nicole Eilers. Dis/ability and Disruption: Possibilities for a Critical Disability Studies Approach to Early Childhood Inclusion.

Dorothy L. Espelage. Panelist in Invited Speaker Session: Only If I Knew Then What I Know Now.

Dorothy L. Espelage, Katherine Ingram, Ashley Woolweaver. Preventing Bullying Involvement Among Students With Disabilities: Educators’ Perspectives on Professional Development Approaches.

Rebekah Freed, Matthew L. Bernacki, Robert D. Plumley, Rebekah F. Duke, Jeff A. Greene. Comparing Behavioral Data Versus Self-Reported Use of Learning Strategies in a Multiperspective Hypermedia Learning Environment.

Brian C. Gibbs. Breathing In and Breathing Out: Relinquishing Social Justice as Core Belief.

Brian C. Gibbs. “It’s Just Too Big…I Don’t Know What to Do”: Toward Teaching War Through a Lens of Critical Civic Literacy.

Brian C. Gibbs. “My People Wouldn’t Stand for This”: Ethnic Studies as Critical Civic Education.

Brian C. Gibbs. War and the Visual Image: Pedagogical and Curricular Decision Making About Violence and War.

Jocelyn A. Glazier, Kristin Papoi, Cheryl Mason Bolick, Nicole Ross. Pairing Experiential Education and Deeper Learning to Prepare Teachers to Stand Up, Not Stand Aside.

Jeff A. Greene. Discussant in symposium One More Step: Bridging Self-Regulated Learning and Classroom Assessment.

Jeff A. Greene, Janice L. Anderson. Small Groups’ Social Regulation of Learning When Facing Uncertainty in Science Inquiry.

Meghan J. Greene, Matthew L. Bernacki. A Systematic Review of Personalized Learning Research: Personalized by Whom, to What, and for What Purpose(s)?

Megan Kathryn Rauch Griffard, Constance A. Lindsay. Revisando El Efecto De La Escuela Católica: Updating Coleman’s Research for the 21st Century.

Ayesha Hashim. Participant in Research and Reform SIG Business Meeting.

Ayesha Hashim. Chair, paper session: District-Level Reforms for Equity: Politics and Implementation Challenges.

Eric A. Houck. AERA Educational Policy Handbook Roundtable Session: District, State, and Federal Policy and School Finance”

Eric A. Houck. Equity And: The Political Economy of School Funding and the Democratic Imperative.

Sherick A. Hughes. Discussant in Invited Speaker Session: Other People’s Treasures: The Challenges in Collecting, Telling, and Protecting Community Stories.

Ethan L. Hutt. Do New Kindergarten and First-Grade Teachers Feel Prepared to Address Student Absenteeism? Evidence From Statewide Survey Data.

Ethan L. Hutt. The “Science” of School Reform.

Katherine Ingram, Dorothy L. Espelage, Alberto Valido Delago. Profiles of Protective Factors for Teen Dating Violence: A Latent Class Approach.

Daniel Klasik, William Zahran. Does Applied-STEM Career and Technical Education Strengthen the STEM Pipeline for Low-Income High School Students?

Shelbi Laura Kuhlmann. How Do Pictorial and Semantic Visuals Affect Learning From Scientific Text?.

Constance A. Lindsay. Paper presentation in Invited Roundtable Evaluating and Improving Teacher Preparation Programs. Paper titled Landscape of Teacher Education Program Evaluation Systems.

Lucy Lurie. Adversity and Mind-Sets: Mind-Sets Mediate Childhood Adversity on School Performance and Anxiety.

Diana B. Lys. Accreditation, Assessment, and Program Evaluation in Educator Preparation Group 3.

Kamilah Legette, Amber Majors, Amy Halberstadt. Teachers’ Racial Inequity Beliefs as Predictors of Perceptions of Students’ Behavior.

Amber Majors. Racializing School Climate Assessments: Identifying the Links Between Racialized School Experiences and Student Outcomes.

Marisa Marraccini, Dana C. Griffin, Lauren Sartain, Megan Kathryn Rauch Griffard. Supporting Adolescents With Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in the Context of COVID-19.

Lana Marie Minshew, Jacqueline E. McLaughlin. Cognitive Apprenticeship in Pharmacy Education: A Multi-Institutional Study.

Esther Oganda Ohito. This Moment Is the Curriculum: Equity, Inclusion, Curriculum Mapping for Study Abroad Programs, and COVID-19.

Esther Oganda Ohito. Chair of symposium: Seeking Routes to Freedom: Fugitive Methodologies for Rethinking Community Research, Literacies, and Engagement.

Esther Oganda Ohito. Participant in Invited Speaker Session: Cinematic Intersection (LoveCraft Country): “I Am”: Black Feminist Futures and Possibilities in the Academy.

Ferah Ozer. Examining the Impact of an Innovative Instructional Effort on Fifth-Sixth-Seventh Graders’ Creative Thinking Abilities.

Xue Lan Rong, Huanyu Cong. The Shortage of Asian American Teachers in K–12 Schools: Trends, Patterns, Causes, and Recommendations.

Xue Lan Rong, Shuguang Wang. Internationalization of China’s Higher Education in the Past 30 Years: A Longitudinal, Cross-Sectional Study.

James Sadler. A Is for Apple, B Is for Bulletproof: Sociological Perspectives on the Racialized Fortification of the U.S. Education System.

Troy D. Sadler, Li Ke. Enacting Co-Designed Socioscientific Issues–Based Curriculum Units: A Case of Secondary Science Teacher Learning.

Troy D. Sadler, Li Ke. Responding to an Emerging Epidemic Through Science Education.

Troy D. Sadler. Comparing Two Task Analysis Guides in Science: Examination of Cognitive Demand.

Matthew G. Springer. Revisiting Teacher Quality Gaps: Geographic Disparities in Access to Highly Effective Teachers Across Tennessee.

Linda C. Tillman. Discussant in symposium Beyond the White Gaze: Centering Black Perspectives on Social Justice in Education

Xinxin Wang. A Raciolinguistic Analysis of the Promotion of Dual-Language Education in North Carolina.

Xinxin Wang. Critical Mo(ve)ments Mentoring Group 1.

Hao Wu, Rebecca S. New. Decision Making of Chinese Immigrant Parents on Young Children’s English-Mandarin Dual-Language Program Enrollment.

Ai Ye. Discussant in Roundtable Session: Advanced Structural Equation Modeling and Hierarchical Modeling at Roundtable.


Publications, presentations, recent grant awards, etc.

Faculty members are noted in bold, postdocs/graduate students/recent graduates with underline.

Victor Boles, Mikalah Elliot, and Sara Meghan Walter. “Group counseling with college students: A virtually delivered group curriculum focused on motivation.” Presented at the North Carolina Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Annual Conference. (April 9, 2021).

Li Ke, Troy D. Sadler, Laura Zangori & Patricia J. Friedrichsen. Developing and Using Multiple Models to Promote Scientific Literacy in the Context of Socio-Scientific Issues. Sci & Educ (2021).

Marraccini, M.E., Griffin, D., O’Neill, C., Martinez, R., Chin, A., Toole, E., Grapin, S.L., Naser, S.C. (2021). School Risk and Protective Factors of Suicide: A Cultural Model of Suicide Risk and Protective Factors in School. School Psychology Review.

Martinez, R. R., Dye, C., Gonzalez, L. (2021) Striving to thrive: Community cultural wealth and legal immigration status. Journal of Latinx Psychology.

Martinez, R. R., Foxx, S., Kennedy, S., & Olsen, J. (2021). The school counselor STEM advocacy survey. Professional School Counseling


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