Faculty and staff can now choose to list their personal preferred pronouns in their Ed web profiles. Pronouns are listed above the person’s contact information in the right sidebar. You may choose any pronouns (there is no pre-defined set). Read more about using personal pronouns. Special thanks to Kelly Barber-Lester for suggesting this addition!

If this is something you would like included on your profile, please submit a service request via help.unc.edu including your preferred pronouns. For web edit requests, including changes to your profile, please:

  • Log into help.unc.edu with your onyen
  • Click on “Request Service” at the bottom right
  • Click on “Request Something Else” (we are still building out the full service catalog)

Alternatively, the direct link to this service request is: https://uncch.service-now.com/sp?id=sc_cat_item&sys_id=90cb7656db6d3bc0fcd1dc95ca961926&sysparm_category=b77a66fedb967780fcd1dc95ca96199c