Next week, the the week of July 6th – July 9th (July 5th is a University Holiday), we will have some reduced staff coverage.


  • Please expect limited responses from SOE HR during this week
  • Catherine Vorick, HR Director, will be away on vacation
  • Sonya Frej, HR Specialist, is working, but must attend several trainings that week


  • Please expect delayed responses from SOE Finance staff during this week
  • Karren Crawford, accounting technician, and David Churchill, Assistant Dean for Finance and Operations, will be away on vacation
  • The finance director position is vacant at this time
  • Gail Kinley, accounting technician, will be working this week, but will also have several facilities related tasks to work on and will have reduced capacity

Research Admin:

  • There are no planned leave for research admin staff this week and operations should not be impacted