Beginning today the School of Education is pleased to roll out new infrastructure for official communications and role-based access. This new infrastructure is built around role-based groups with explicit membership criteria that are leveraged for both official communications and data/resource access needs. Initially, the most obvious change these groups will bring is replacing the current School of Education listservs with new communication groups. On the frontend, this change only means using a new email address when communicating with groups. For example, the email address for communicating with faculty members changes to

Some of the factors that brought this change include:

  1. Unreliable listserv membership and lack of explicit membership criteria.
  2. Growing data/resource access demands and the need to standardize access.
  3. Pending retirement of the listserv platform (Lyris) by ITS.

The new infrastructure is available for use now, but the previous SOE listservs will remain active until after the overview meeting to outline the changes.

Overview Meeting

A meeting to go over the new role-based communications and access groups has been scheduled for 7/14 at 10:00am. A calendar invitation will be sent to School employees soon, and the Zoom information can be found below.

Overview: School of Education Official Communications & Role-Based Access
Wednesday, July 14, 10:00am – 11:00am

Meeting recording:

This meeting will be recorded and shared with those who cannot make it.

Service: School of Education Role-Based Groups

The service information for the new role-based groups, including the ways in which they can be leveraged can be found here: Service: School of Education Role-Based Groups

School of Education Official Communications Groups

Beginning today, the previous school listservs (e.g., have been retired. A full list of the new groups that should be used instead can be found here: School of Education Official Communications Groups

Help Articles

For help utilizing the new role-based groups and/or the recommended approach for moving away from listservs, please see:

Requesting Help

To request help leveraging the new role-based groups and/or inclusion of a group not currently maintained, please submit a request to EdIT via: Request Something Else