Welcome back to Peabody Hall! We’re excited to be together again, and below are some resources to help with your transition back to campus.

Carolina Together: https://carolinatogether.unc.edu/

The Carolina Together website contains information on Summer Testing Guidelines, COVID-19 Community Standards, COVID-19 Vaccine Certification for faculty, staff, and students, and Vaccine Information, among other topics.

How to ask for help: https://portal.ed.unc.edu/resources/how-to-ask-for-help/

This page on the school’s portal details the preferred methods for submitting help requests for various functions within the school.


Reconnecting to WiFi: Connecting to the UNC Wireless Network

The biggest issue we’ve seen so far in returning to campus is ensuring faculty and staff devices are connected to the eduroam network to facilitate connection to campus resources. Please visit the link above for instructions on connecting to eduroam.

Returning Equipment to Campus

With the volume of technology coming back to campus and the bandwidth of the EdIT team, the expectation is for employees to attempt to reconnect their own technology first, and request help if they’re having any trouble. If you need assistance, please be patient as we anticipate a high volume of requests, and ask via: SOE EdIT Services

ITS – Reconnecting on campus: https://thewell.unc.edu/2021/07/13/reconnecting-on-campus/

ITS campus resource on preparing to return to work on campus and making your technology work seamlessly again.

Facilities & Reservations

Active Renovations

Breakroom: The breakroom is being renovated to make it ADA compliant. Due to this, there is no sink, no running water, and no ice maker available until mid-August. Please plan accordingly.

Classrooms: Rooms G010 and 2040 are being renovated. You can expect some construction noise during these renovations. Please do not go in these rooms during the renovations.

Reserving Rooms: https://portal.ed.unc.edu/resources/reserving-soe-rooms/

Visit for a reminder on the procedure for reserving rooms in Peabody and the CCEE.

Parking and Temporary Parking Permits

Please remember that temporary parking permits are not provided to staff and faculty on a regular basis. If there is a need for temporary unloading, then please check in with Karren and Gail in the business operations office.

Keys and Swipe Access

If you have not yet picked up your office key, please check in with Karren and Gail in the business operations office.

We have added swipe card readers to all suites that have conference rooms, all of the classrooms controlled by the School of Education, and to the mail room. All regular staff and faculty have been provided swipe access to these areas. You can use your OneCard to access the rooms or the Mobile ID app. If you do not have a OneCard or need a replacement, then please follow the process outlined on the OneCard website, https://onecard.unc.edu/get-my-card/.

Cleaning up Offices

As we return to campus you may find the need to give your workspace a little extra cleaning and tidying. Please take this time to clean, organize, and discard items that you have found that you no longer need. If there have been items left in refrigerators, then please coordinate with employees in your suite to discard items and clean refrigerators. If cleaning supplies are needed, then please submit a facilities request in RASR.

Personal Protective Gear

Anyone needing PPE (Personal Protective Gear) while on campus, such as masks, alcohol wipes, etc., these can be found in the SOE mailroom. Entry to the mailroom is controlled by swipe card access.

Wellness Resources

In acknowledging that life can be very tough these days, the University and the Office of Human Resources have created some resources to assist faculty, staff, and students through these unprecedented times. Additionally, the School’s Department of Human Resources is available to assist all employees in any way we can; please do not hesitate to reach out. We can easily be reached at SOE-HR@unc.edu or contact us directly; we would love to hear from you!

Returning to Work on Campus: https://hr.unc.edu/return-to-campus

Contains information such as Guidance for a Safe Return (i.e., Logistics, Workplace Considerations, Accommodations and Flexibility, and Benefits and Leave) and Helpful Resources.

Wellness website: https://hr.unc.edu/return-to-campus/wellness/

Contains information on transitioning back to your on-campus space while: Supporting Yourself and Others, Finding Peace in Uncertainty, Childcare and Parent Resources, and much, much more.

Work/Life & Wellness Programs: https://hr.unc.edu/benefits/work-life/

Contains information on a variety of programs focused on healthy lifestyles and balancing the responsibilities of work and personal life, including Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Building Community Together, Child Care and Elder Care Programs, Helping Heels Directory, Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Meditation Sessions, and more!