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School of Education Black History Month Conversation Series: Remembering our Past, Focused on our Future – February 11th, 18th, 25th, 11am – noon.

Each Thursday in February, we will have a guest speaker discuss the role of schools of education in uplifting and elevating Black youth, families, and communities. Please plan to attend this series.

Feb. 25: Dr. Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy, Professor and Dean, School of Education, American University

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School of Pharmacy Black History Month Events

Black Excellence: Enduring Desegregation at ESOP

Tuesday, February 23, 2021
5:00pm ET – 6:30pm ET
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This presentation will feature vignettes of the first Black graduates from the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy and the role of segregation in their experiences.
Speakers: Dr. Gregory Bond, Christian Brown, Dr. Ben Urick

Defining Racial Justice in the 21st Century: Competing Perspectives and Shared Goals – Feb. 23rd, 5:30pm

For their upcoming Abbey Speaker Series online event, the UNC Program for Public Discourse and the Department of African, African American, and Diaspora Studies are bringing together a panel of Black academic, journalistic, religious, and political leaders, including NC State Senator Valerie Foushee, for a discussion on racial justice. The moderator is New York Times columnist and CBS News political analyst Jamelle Bouie. The event is online, and registration is free and open to all. Anyone interested in attending can register using this link:

Please note, if any faculty are interested in incorporating this event into their curriculum, we can pre-register your classes. All you need to do is send a list with your students’ UNC email, First Name, and Last Name to Jonathan Nichols at Screenshots are acceptable.

For more information, click here: Abbey Speaker Series.

Race, Racism, & Racial Equity (R3) Symposium: ARTivism – Feb. 24th, 3 – 4:30 pm

The third event in the R3 series, “ARTivism: Using Arts-based Scholarship to Interrogate and Dismantle Racism,” will be moderated by Dr. Travis Albritton, Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at the School of Social Work. The arts can help us better understand systems of oppression and their impacts, challenge white supremacy, foster dialogue around race and racism, and advance racial equity. This event will highlight work by UNC scholars and current and former graduate students to do just that through a variety of artistic genres, including performance, storytelling, music, painting, and photography. We are also honored to include a spoken word performance by Chapel Hill’s inaugural Poet Laureate, CJ Suitt. To register: Click here

ALANAM Women’s Institute Women’s Conference – Within: Reclaiming Your Voice – Saturday, March 6, 9am – 4pm

ALANAM stands for African American/Black, Latino/Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native American, Alaskan Native and Multiracial identities. The conference is meant to uplift, encourage, and empower ALANAM women by bringing together faculty, staff, and students from Elon and other institutions for dialogue and fellowship. 

They are looking for faculty, staff, and informed students to serve as educational session presenters. More registration information will be coming soon. Follow them on Instagram @alanam_womensinstitute for more updates!

Teaching Fellow Seminar Series

March 17th, 2020, 6:30-7:30PM ~ Dr. Cathy Kea, Professor of Special Education, North Carolina A&T University, College of Education ~Culturally Responsive Teaching

Each year the UNC North Carolina Teaching Fellows plan a seminar series surrounding a theme chosen the year before derived from our four pillars that ground the enrichment experiences within the UNC NC Teaching Fellows program. The four pillars include Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Equity and Diversity, Experiential Education, and Educator Leadership and guide the development of the UNC Teaching Fellows Community of Learners. The theme for the 2020-2021 academic year is Diversity in Schools: Cultural, Ethnic, and Racial. See below for the remaining lectures within the series.

If interested in attending, please RSVP by 5PM on the day of the event to Tammy Siler,

working to extend anti-racist education (weare) workshop – March 31st and April 7th

School of ed alum Dr. Ronda Taylor Bullock will conduct two antiracist education workshops for all students, faculty and staff in the SoE.  weare is a non-profit organization that provides anti-racism training for children, families, and educators. I strongly encourage you to attend these workshops.

DEI Resources

GlobalMindED 2020 – This GlobalMindED YouTube channel has over 90 DEI webinars primarily led by leaders of color with panelists from a variety of backgrounds. 

DEI Chats

Our DEI chats will resume. The next one is Friday, February 26th at 3pm. Click here to attend:

During the month of March (March 5th, 12th, 19th), the DEI chats will focus on Digital Accessibility and will be led by Gia Branciforte. Gia is the School of Ed’s Digital Accessibility Liaison and attendees will learn information related to the required guidelines around digital accessibility that we need to include in our work.

Individual Meetings

If you would like to meet with me individually, please book an appointment.

The Work Must Continue and We Must Be United in our Efforts to Combat White Supremacy

I just finished watching the film “Judas and the Black Messiah” about the life and death of 21 year old Black Panther leader Fred Hampton. Yes, at just 21 years old, he was deemed a threat to the US government, not just because he fought for social justice, but also because he was able to bring together people from various cultural groups, to fight for social justice, and together, this group was able to create change. Looking back through history, the government has often intervened when leaders united various groups on the war against white supremacy. Once squashing my anger over seeing, yet again, how far people will go to maintain white supremacy, my thoughts turned to the DEI work in the school of education and I see how disjointed we are in our unity, which prevents us from truly dismantling the systems that continue to oppress marginalized populations, often upholding the policies and practices of a system that were developed during a time when people who looked like me were only allowed on campus to build it, as the reason why something cannot be done. There are those of us who do the work, but we are sprinkled across our building and the university and we often operate in silos, which really sets us up to fail at the very thing we are hired to do – create an equitable, inclusive environment. Now, I am not calling for an act of war and I do not fall into the “by any means necessary” category, but I am calling for full commitment from each and every one of you in helping to create an equitable and inclusive environment. We all have a role in this process, and unless all of us are committed to this, ALL of us…well, my job becomes that much harder. ☺

I leave you with words from bell hooks: “As backlash swells, as budgets are cut, as jobs become even more scarce, many of the few progressive interventions that were made to change the academy, to create an open climate for cultural diversity are in danger of being undermined or eliminated. These threats should not be ignored. Nor should our collective commitment to cultural diversity change because we have not yet devised and implemented perfect strategies for them. To create a culturally diverse academy we must commit ourselves fully. Learning from other movements for social change, from civil rights and feminist liberation efforts, we must accept the protracted nature of our struggle and be willing to remain both patient and vigilant. To commit ourselves to the work of transforming the academy so that it will be a place where cultural diversity informs every aspect of our learning, we must embrace struggle and sacrifice. We cannot be easily discouraged. We cannot despair when there is conflict. Our solidarity must be affirmed by shared belief in a spirt of intellectual openness that celebrates diversity, welcomes dissent, and rejoices in collective dedication to truth.”

Have a great week and enjoy the sun!