Zoom Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms- How to Make It Work

Presenters: Keith Sawyer & Alan Brown This session discusses the process of using pre-assigned Zoom breakout rooms and the steps that must be followed to get this feature to work as designed. Keith Sawyer will share his experience with using this feature with his class this past semester and lessons learned along the way. We […]

Sakai 20 Updates Overview

Presenters: Thao Nghi Tu, Learning Technologies Administrator, ITS Educational Technologies Andy Brawn, Tech Support Specialist, ITS Educational Technologies Join two members from the Sakai Team in ITS Educational Technologies to learn about the new features that are available in Sakai 20 including: new gradebook options, that assignments preview grader, grading rubrics, and tests and quizzes […]

SOE Sakai Template Overview

Presenter: Paul Wolff, Instructional Design Manager, Carolina Office for Online Learning This session will focus on the School of Education Sakai Course template that became available at the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester. We will review the steps for getting the template added to your course or project site. Then Paul Wolff from the […]

Getting Started with Panopto

Presenter: Alan Brown Panopto is the new centrally supported video-audio storage and management system for the University and will gradually replace Warpwire by June 30, 2021. Panopto is integrated with Sakai and will also be an automatic repository for cloud recordings of Zoom meetings. This session will provide an overview of the features of the […]

Using Microsoft Tools in the Teaching and Learning Environment


Presenters: Janice Anderson, Gia Branciforte, Alan Brown, & Todd Cherner This session will provide a broad overview of ways the Microsoft Tools can be used in the teaching and learning environment. Tools that will be discussed include: MS Groups, synchronous and asynchronous collaboration on Office documents, MS Teams, Class OneNote Notebooks, MS Forms, and Bookings. […]

Sakai Sample Course Tours


Presenters: Dana Riger, Lora Cohen-Vogel, Kristin Papoi During this session three faculty members will provide a tour of sample course sites at the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral levels. These individuals will provide information about the sites design and insight into the decision-making process involved in creating these sites. The sample course sites will be made […]

Sakai Course Organization and Structure Best Practices


Presenters: Martinette Horner, Alison LaGarry This session will focus on ideas and tips for organizing and structuring courses for good instructional design and student ease of use. Two faculty members will share how they set up their Sakai sites for their courses using different tools within Sakai as well as external tools. There will also […]

Diving Deeper with Panopto


Presenter: Alan Brown Panopto is the new centrally-supported video-audio storage and management system for the University and will gradually replace Warpwire by June 30, 2021. Panopto is integrated with Sakai and will also be an automatic repository for cloud recordings of Zoom meetings. This session will explore Panopto/Sakai integration, advanced video editing, quizzes, and student […]

Academic Tech Session: Hy-Flex Teaching Strategies Roundtable

Facilitator: Alan Brown    Description: This session will provide an opportunity for attendees to share and discuss useful strategies for teaching in a Hy-flex environment. The format of the session will provide opportunities for attendees to share useful and effective strategies. There will also be time allotted to explore the features of the technology in different spaces around Peabody and how these can be best […]

Academic Tech Session: Leveraging the Power of Panopto to Extend Instruction

Presenter: Martinette Horner    Description: This session will explore how Panopto can be used an instructional tool for “flipping” lectures. Time will also be spent exploring some advanced features of Panopto including embedding quizzes in videos and putting together videos using user-generated and external content. Time will also be allowed for participants to share other Panopto strategies and for Q&A.    Format/Location: Online- Zoom    Registration Link: https://unc.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIpcuyrpj0oGNF42RQzz9BY8NUV8jznNsqw  

Academic Tech Session: Integrating Virtual Reality into Course Delivery

Presenter: Todd Cherner    Description: This session will explore how virtual reality (VR) tools can be used within a course to deliver content and assess learning, and a process used to leverage 360-degree video footage to create VR-based learning experiences will be shared. Time will also be allowed for Q&A and for in-person participants to get hands-on experience with VR headsets. In person attendance is recommended, […]

Academic Tech Session: Online Tools for Collaborative Teaching and Learning Activities

Presenter: Keith Sawyer    Description: This session will explore collaborative tools that can be used for active learning in a remote, hy-flex, or face-to-face learning environment. We will explore strategies of mural.co, an online concept mapping tool, and VoiceThread for video sharing and commenting. Time will also be allowed for participants to share other collaborative tools and strategies and for Q&A.    Format/Location: Online- Zoom    Registration Link: https://unc.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwrduGprTkiGteSwQ5-GNfpUQBTBNZDaV0f