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People & Roles

  • Catherine Vorick directory image

    Catherine Vorick

    Director of Human Resources
    Peabody G074

    Contact for:

    • Counsel on all HR matters and procedures, including recruitment and hiring, payroll, benefits, leave, terminations, etc.
    • Position Management: Classification and Compensation
    • Employee and Management Relations
      • Performance Management
      • Disciplinary Processes
    • Policy Management
  • Sonya Frej

    Sonya Frej

    Human Resources Specialist
    Peabody G082

    Contact for:

    • Recruitments and Appointments: all staff (SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty)
    • Student Assignments (SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty)
    • Temporary Assignments
    • Affiliate Appointments
    • TIM Management
    • Parking
    • FMLA
    • Faculty and Staff Wellness Initiatives
  • Portrait of Madison Wood

    Madison Wood

    Human Resources Specialist
    Peabody G080

    Contact for:

    All Faculty Appointments

    • Appointment, Promotion, & Tenure Process (APT)
    • Faculty Hires
    • Post-Tenure Review
    • Adjunct and Part-Time Faculty
    • Distinguished Professorships
    • Emeriti Faculty