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People & Roles

  • Shauna Harris

    Shauna H. Harris

    Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
    Peabody 1028F

    Contact for:

    • SOE Student Concerns and Support
    • SOE Graduate Student Association
    • SOE Doctoral Milestone Paperwork
    • SOE Scholarships
    • Student Appeals
    • General inquiries regarding doctoral milestones
    • Graduate Faculty Status Nomination Management for Doctoral Student Committees
    • Graduation clearance
    • Leave of Absence Inquiries
    • Extension of Time Inquiries
    • Tarheel Tracker Support
  • Audrey Fulton directory image

    Audrey Fulton

    Director of Undergraduate Advising and Student Engagement
    Peabody 1028E

    Contact for:

    • HDFS, Pre-MAT/MAT, Education Minor, UNC BEST and K-12 Music Education academic advising and related course planning
    • Application and interpretation of University academic policy and procedure
    • SOE Undergraduate Advisory Council and student engagement opportunities
  • Jia Heiny directory image

    Jia Heiny

    Program Administrative Support Specialist
    Peabody 2010
  • Leigh Anna Hutchison

    Leigh A. Hutchison

    Program Administrative Support Specialist
    Peabody 1050

    Contact for:

    • Program Support
      • School Counseling
      • School Psychology
  • Lisa Johnson directory image

    Contact for:

    • Collaboration across multiple academic departments in the university for course and classroom scheduling
    • Student Service Management for advising students and faculty
    • SOE Graduate Student Support for registrations and Advising
    • Registration support for SOE undergraduate academic programs, College of Arts and Sciences, and campus partnership programs
    • Enrollment verification
    • Tarheel Tracker support
  • Derek Neverosky directory image

    Derek A. Neverosky

    Program Administrative Support Specialist
    Peabody 3028

    Contact for:

    • SOE Doctoral Milestone Support
    • Program Support
      • PhD Core
      • CCTE
  • April Plumley directory image

    April Plumley

    Admissions & Placement Coordinator
    Peabody 1028

    Contact for:

    • Program Admission Requirements
    • Application Updates and Support
    • Placement Inquiries and Requirements
    • Slate Access
    • Graduate Student Support
    • Transfer Course Review
  • default person thumbnail

    Rachel Winters

    Program Administrative Support Specialist
    Peabody 1028