About the DSOAR

In 2016, the SOE launched its first Doctoral Student Online Annual Report (DSOAR) in Taskstream, an online portfolio assessment tool. The DSOAR is a valuable opportunity for students and faculty to share feedback with one another to improve individual experiences and doctoral programming overall.

For 2020, based on student and faculty feedback, the 2020 DSOAR portfolio has been updated which we hope will lead to a better student experience and a better reporting process for faculty and programs. We are excited to launch the 2020 DSOAR and hope its updates will prove to be more beneficial to our doctoral students and their faculty.

There are two parts of the DSOAR portfolio. They are:

The deadline for DSOAR submissions is as follows:

DSOAR ElementDue DateSubmit to:
Annual Report FormJanuary 31, 2021Doctoral Program Administrative Support Specialists
CV/Resume UploadJanuary 31, 2021Doctoral Program Administrative Support Specialists

More information will be shared with doctoral students and advisors in early December 2020

Program Administrative Support Specialists (PASS) assigned to doctoral programs are as follows:

PASSDoctoral Programs Supported
Leigh Anna HutchinsonPhD – School Psychology
Stacy ReynoldsEdD – Educational Leadership
PhD – Policy, Leadership and School Improvement
Derek NeveroskyEdD – Curriculum & Instruction
PhD – Culture, Curriculum, and Teacher Education
PhD – Cultural Studies and Literacies
PhD – Teacher Education and Curriculum
Tammy SilerPhD – Learning Science and Psychological Studies
PhD – Applied Development and Sciences and Special Education

Once submitted, the 2020 DSOAR’s Annual Report Form will be evaluated in Taskstream for submission completeness in February 2021. Later in Spring 2021, the CV/Resume submission will be evaluated in Taskstream using a feature to provide the Doctoral Student Annual Progress Letter as part of the evaluation. These letters, prepared by your faculty advisor and uploaded by your PASS, may reference content from the Annual Report Form, your CV/resume, and other program progress markers.

To complete and submit your 2020 DSOAR, you will need a Taskstream account. 

  • If you are a first year student or did not support a DSOAR last year, please use the Quick Start Guide-Using your Taskstream Keycode to create a Taskstream account. The key code included is for student use only. Once created, use the Quick Start Guide-Self Enrollment to self-enroll in the portfolio for your degree program using the self-enrollment codes below.
  • If you already have a Taskstream account, log in and use the Quick Start Guide-Self Enrollment to self-enroll in the portfolio for your degree program using the self-enrollment codes below. You need to self-enroll with a new code every year.
ProgramYour Program Self-Enrollment Code
EdD in Curriculum and Instruction2020_EdD_CI
EdD in Educational Leadership2020_EdD_L
PhD in Education (all strands, current and former)2020_PhD_Ed
PhD in School Psychology2020_PhD_P
  • Follow the DSOAR Training for students to complete and submit the required elements of your annual report. This includes step-by-step screenshots to guide you through the 2020 DSOAR process from account creation, to self-enrollment, to final submission.

Should questions arise regarding the 2020 DSOAR arise, please direct them to me, lys@unc.edu, and I will relay them to the appropriate source for relief or assistance. Additional email reminders will be sent early in the New Year. 2020 DSOAR submissions are due January 31, 2021.