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If you have requested and received approval for SPSS 28, you can install the software via Software Center (Windows) or Self-Service (Mac).

If you need access to SPSS and haven’t received approval, you can request to purchase one or more licenses through EdIT.

Setup consists of two steps:

  • Installation – Fully automated for SOE-owned computers via the methods listed below.
  • Licensing – On first launch, you will be prompted to enter the authorization code (provided by EdIT)



Installation Steps


  1. Click on the search bar and type Software to bring up Software Center, then click to launch.
    Searching for Software Ceenter
  2. SPSS may appear in the new section at the top of the window. If not, search for SPSS and click the icon.
    SPSS in Software Center
  3. Click Install and wait for the installation to complete.


  1. Now that Installation is complete, you need to launch SPSS and license the software. Search for SPSS in the Start Menu, then click to start.
    Searching for SPSS in Start Menu
  2. You’ll be prompted to authorize the software. Click Launch License Wizard.
  3. Select OK when asked if you want to allow this application to make changes to your computer.
  4. The License Authorization Wizard will appear and indicate that you have no licenses. Click Next to proceed to the next screen, then select Authorized User License and click Next.
  5. Enter your 20-character activation code, which was emailed to you by EdIT, then click Next. (Note: the window may freeze for some time as the license is activated.)
    Enter the license code, click "add", then click "next"
  6. Once activation is successful, a new screen will appear with a summary of Installed licenses indicating that activation is complete.
    Licensing is complete
  7. You can now launch SPSS Statistics. Click on the search bar and search again for SPSS. Several results may appear; be sure to choose IBM SPSS Statistics (with no other terms) in order to launch the application.

Your copy of SPSS 28 is now fully licensed and ready to use.


  1. Open the Self Service application by clicking the icon in your dock, or by opening a Finder window and clicking on the Applications folder.
  2. Locate the Featured tab, then click Install under the SPSS 28 icon.
    Note: If you have a previous version of SPSS installed, it will be removed. Only the application will be removed, not your data.
  3. You’ll be presented with a notification that explains that you must activate the software after installing. Click Install to acknowledge and proceed with the installation.
  4. Allow the installation to proceed. Once the installation is completed, you can launch it via Launchpad or the Applications folder. You can also choose to add it to your dock.

    Note: If you had a previous version of SPSS installed, you may have an additional dock icon for SPSS. If this happens, simply remove the old icon from your dock.


  1. When you launch SPSS 28 without a license installed (such as the first time you start it), you’ll be presented with a dialog asking you to activate it. Select Launch License Wizard. The License Wizard dialog will appear. Click Next.
  2. On the next screen, select Authorized User License, then click Next.
  3. Enter your 20-character activation code, which was emailed to you by EdIT, then click Add. The code will move to the larger text box. Click Next.
  4. You should now see a status screen with a green Authorization Succeeded message. If you get a message that authorization has failed, open a ticket with EdIT. Click Next.
  5. You’ll see one further status menu telling you that your license effective the next time you start SPSS. Click Finish.
  6. You can now launch SPSS Statistics.

Your copy of SPSS 28 is now fully licensed and ready to use.

If you have any problems with installation or activation, please visit help.unc.edu and click Ask Us to request help.