This help article provides guidance on the recommended approaches for creating a platform for maintaining communication and/or collaboration with a specific group of people.

Note: These approaches are EdIT’s recommendation for those who need to move away from any listservs they still manage.

Groups with only email communication needs

For groups that only intend to leverage email communications, we recommend creating a group via Outlook. For step-by-step instructions, please visit: Create a group in Outlook

Groups with collaboration needs

For groups with collaboration needs beyond email, we recommend creating a Microsoft Team. Teams include a persistent chat and centralized environment for shared files and collaborative apps. You can create a team without first creating a group, but doing so will not allow you to choose your group’s email address, so we recommend creating a group via Outlook first and then creating your Team from that group.

  1. First step: Create a group in Outlook
  2. Second step: Create a team from an existing group

Best Practices

It is best practice to have more than one owner per team or group. When setting up your team/group be sure to designate a college as an owner as well to ensure business continuity if you are not reachable.

Additional Resources

To learn more about Microsoft 365 Groups, and the basis for the recommendations included in this article, please visit: Learn about Microsoft 365 Groups

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