The School of Education has a shared conference line that can be reserved and used by faculty and staff for meetings that require participants to call in from remote locations.

The conference line provides a toll-free call in number for participants and the line can support up to 20 participants on a single call.

NOTE: Phones within the School of Education, support 3-Way Conferencing/Calling. See Using SOE Phones for more information.

Reserving the Conference Line

Reservations of the conference line are handled like reservations for meeting rooms and other physical spaces. See Reserving SOE Rooms for information on the Booking Procedure.

After successfully booking the SOE Conference Line you will receive a followup email confirmation that will contain the Conference Line toll free number, a leader passcode, and a participate passcode.

Distributing Conference Line Information

You will need to distribute the conference call information (from the confirmation email) to participants. Each participant will need the toll free call in number and the participant passcode. Only distribute the leader passcode to participants that you want to have the ability to activate the call and access the leader touch tone commands during the call (see below).

Connecting to the Call

  1. Call the toll free number provided for the call.
  2. When prompted, enter the provided passcode. You will be connected to the call.

NOTE: A user must call in and enter the leader passcode in order to activate the conference call. If a call is not activated, a user who dials in and enters a participant passcode will be notified that the call has not yet been activated and will be placed on hold.

Touch Tone Commands

The commands below can be used by leaders and participants during the call (as designated).

CommandDescriptionLeader CommandParticipant Command
*0Operator AssistanceXX
*1Private Help MenuXX
*2Roll Call (in conference)X
*3Private Roll CallXX
*4Mute AllX
*5Conference ContinuationX
*6Self Mute/UnmuteXX
*9Guest EntryX