Peabody Card Swipe and Mobile ID Access

All staff and faculty have been granted privileges to access the building.  You can access it by swiping in with your OneCard or through the Mobile ID app

If you are using the Mobile ID app, the location number is 2882 – Access-Peabody-South Entrance.  For more information on how to use or download the CBORD Mobile ID app, see the instructions below.

CBORD Mobile ID App Setup

  1. Download the CBORD Mobile ID App from the App store of your choice.
  2. Open the App on your mobile device. The icon looks like this:
    Icon for the Mobile ID App is a blue square with a white logo that looks like a lower-case m, a hovering dot, and a backwards c.
  3. You will be asked to enter a Server URL. Enter the following:
  4. Click on “Authenticate my Device”
  5. You will be brought to the Single Sign-On Screen.
  6. Enter your Onyen and Password to Sign In
  7. Click on Authorize. The app should then show that you are authenticated on the server.
  8. Create a four-digit PIN.

At the Door

On the App, you will see your picture, and a number of an access location. This is the most recent gate you have accessed.

If you are accessing a new area for the first time, swipe your OneCard, and the app will show that access point next time you enter.

When you get to the door access, swipe the CBORD button at the bottom of the app.


The door will unlock for you.


2882 – Access-Peabody-South Entrance
2883 – Access-Peabody-East Entrance (ADA Ramp Access)
2889 – Access-Peabody-022 Back
2888 – Access-Peabody-022 Front
2886 – Access-Peabody-012 (New room number G002)
2885 – Access-Peabody-02 (New room number G010)-
2196 – Access-Peabody-210 (new room number 2048)
3262 – Access-Peabody-202 (new room number 2018)
3260 – Access-Peabody-011 (new room number G019)
3634 – Access-Peabody-013 (new room number G059)
4134 – Access-Peabody-Room 018 (new room number G070)
4263 – Access-Peabody 014 (new room number G050)
4413 – Access-Peabody-Room 123 – Mail Room (New room number 1070A)
4364 – Access-Peabody-Room 09 – Break Room (New room number G044)
1782 – Access- Swain parking Left gate
1783 – Access- Swain parking right Gate