Sakai is the official Learning Management System (LMS) used at UNC. Sakai offers integration with other teaching and learning tools that include: Zoom, VoiceThread, and Panopto.

The School of Education also has a school-branded template that can be added to your site and used as you build out your online course.

Accessing This Tool

Website: https://sakai.unc.edu/

Log in with your ONYEN credentials.

Using This Tool


Getting Started with Sakai
Offered 3/17/2020
Training Handout

Sakai Intermediate Use
Offered 3/13/2020
Training Handout

Sakai 20 Updates Overview
Offered 12/8/2020

SOE Sakai Template Overview
Offered 12/9/2020

Sakai Sample Course Tours
Offered 1/12/21

Sakai Course Organization and Structure Best Practices
Offered 1/14/21

Sakai: SOE Template

Sakai: Creating a Course Site for Your Class

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