UNC ITS is part of the Adobe Enterprise Program for Education. As a part of this program, faculty, staff, and students have access to free or deeply discounted licenses for Adobe Creative Cloud.

Accessing This Tool

Access to Adobe Creative Cloud licenses are handled differently for each campus group:

Instructional Faculty & Staff

Licenses are provided free of charge with a requirement that a justification is provided as to how the software will be used for instructional purposes. Visit Requesting an Enterprise License to Adobe Creative Cloud for Instructional Use for instructions on the request process. You will receive an email notification once a license has been issued.

Non-Instructional Faculty & Staff

Individual licenses are purchased for $20 per year with the licensing year running from August to August. Contact EdIT to request the purchase of a license. Include a justification for the need of the software in your request along with your PID and ONYEN.


Licenses are provided free of charge. Visit https://sa.unc.edu/shop to obtain a license.

Installing Adobe Creative Cloud Applications

View Adobe Creative Cloud – Install for instructions on installing Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

UNC Adobe Creative Cloud licenses allow for a user to log in and use Creative Cloud on up to two computers simultaneously.