The information on this page covers the Student capabilities within GoReact. In addition to the information found here, you may find the following resources from GoReact Support to be helpful:

Basic Student Work Flow

If you do not have a GoReact account associated with the School of Education, see GoReact: Getting Started for more information.

Completing Assignments


After you accept an invitation and join a course that will be using GoReact, you are ready to begin completing assignments. Assignments in GoReact require that you Record or Upload video.

Prior to recording, you should view the Video Recording Checklist and Recording Tips.

If you are using a mobile device, you can use the GoReact Recorder app (available for iOS and Android) to capture video or record or upload video using a mobile browser.


Advance features of GoReact assignments include:

Learn More about Assignments

Assignment Feedback

When you submit an assignment in GoReact, your instructor and/or peers will provide feedback to you. Learn how to Review Feedback you have received.

You may also be asked to Critique Videos that have been submitted by your peers.

Learn More about Feedback