About NCDPI Reports and Standards

UNC-CH School of Education programs hold program approval from NCDPI and the NC State Board of Education. Below are links to reports, standards, and new EPP Dashboards. For a full listing of approved UNC programs, see this NCDPI site.

For information about EPP reporting in North Carolina see NCDPI: EPP Performance.


Standards SetLinked to NC DPI Program Approval for:SOE Program Alignment
NC Professional Teaching StandardsInitial teacher preparationMAT, UNC BEST, Music Ed
NC Graduate teaching standardsAdvanced teacher preparationMEDX
NC Standards for School ExecutivesSchool principal preparationMSA
NC Standards for SuperintendentsSchool superintendent preparationEdD in Ed Leadership
NC Digital Learning Competencies for Classroom TeachersInitial and advanced teacher prepMAT, UNC BEST, Music Ed, MEDX
NC Digital Learning Competencies for School AdministratorsSchool Principal, Curriculum Specialist, and School Superintendent preparationMSA, EdD in Ed Leadership, EdD in C&I
NC Mentor StandardsCurriculum specialist preparation and training for Mentor teachers, instructional coachesEdD in C&I, MAT (mentor teacher assignments)