EdIT has created a new Service Request that replaces the “Request Something Else” option outlined below. This article will be updated to reflect the change in the process.

How to submit a service request for a quote

This article outlines the steps for submitting a ServiceNow Service Request to EdIT for a quote for a new technology hardware or software purchase.



  1. Go the https://help.unc.edu/ and click the Request Service button. The service catalog will load. (Note: You may be asked to log in with your ONYEN and password.)
    ServiceNow Home screen, Request Service
  2. Locate the Request Something Else item on the page and click View Details. 
    request something else
  3. Complete the request form, including as many details as possible in the What would you like to request? field. Include web links for specific items and add attachments with device specs or online shopping carts of items to the form, if needed.
  4. Click the Request button when you have completed the form to submit the request.
    request button

Next Steps

  • After the request is reviewed, EdIT staff will provide you with a quote for the items listed in the request.
  • If you decide to move forward with making the purchase, submit a purchasing request via RASR and attach the provided quote to that request.
  • Following purchase approval, Business Office staff will contact EdIT staff to make the purchase. You will be updated on the progress of the order and delivery of the items purchased.