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Each basic conference room is setup the same way. Rooms have one screen and are controlled via a button panel either mounted on the wall or located on the table. Basic conference rooms do not have a dedicated computer, but have a variety of wired and wireless options to connect a laptop and include a high end webcam for video conferencing.

Room Guide

Controlling the Room

peabody 018 control
Example image of basic conference room setup. (Peabody G070)

1: Button Panel. Either mounted on the wall or located on the table. Used to control the display power, volume, and input. Inputs include:

  1. Table Cable Cubby or Wall Plate – Wired HDMI, USB-C, and/or VGA options are available and will auto select whichever is connected. Note: The USB-A cable is for the webcam only and cannot be used to display a device on screen. Each cable is labeled appropriately.
  2. Apple TV – Used to connect wirelessly from Apple macOS and iOS devices. See Using AirPlay for more details.
  3. Windows Wireless Display – Used to connect wirelessly from Windows 10 devices. See Using Windows Wireless Display for more details.

2: Cable Cubby or Wall Plate. Includes wired inputs for input number one above, USB connection for the room webcam, and power outlets.

3: Web Cam Remote. Rooms equipped with a Logitech Meetup webcam for video conferencing will have this remote present. To connect your computer to the webcam, look for the USB cable marked “webcam only” in the cable cubby or at the wall plate. See “Using the Web Cam” below for more details.

4: Apple TV Remote. Used to control and/or wake up the Apple TV when necessary.

Using the Web Cam

Rooms with a Logitech Meetup webcam will have the camera installed above the TV. To connect to the webcam, plug the USB cable in the cable cubby or at the wall plate marked “webcam only” into your computer. This will enable you to use the webcam as an audio and video source for the web conferencing tool of your choice. EdIT recommends using Zoom for web conferencing.

The following control functions for the webcam are available via the remote:

  • Camera pan/tilt/zoom
  • Volume up/down
  • Microphone mute

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