Based on a template from UNC Digital and Lifelong Learning, the SOE Sakai Template is built using best practices for online instruction. The template helps create a structure and format for your course that includes School of Education branded elements.

soe sakai template screenshot

Further details are covered in the Sakai Template Tutorials section below.

Requesting Access to the SOE Sakai Template

In order to access to the SOE Sakai template, you must first have a course or project site ready to have the template copied to. To request a copy of the template, please submit a request to EdIT. In your request, please be sure to include the following:

  • Request a copy of the SOE Sakai Template
  • The site information for where you’d like the copy made, including:
    • Course prefix
    • Course number
    • Course section
    • Semester
  • Include which option you would like us to use when applying the template to your site:
    • REPLACE– EdIT will apply the template and the template content will replace or over-write all the content currently on your site. (You will probably want to choose this option if you are setting up a brand new site and have not yet started adding content.)
    • MERGE– Edit will apply the template and the template content will be merged to existing content on your site. (You will probably want to choose this option if you have already started working on your site or you have copied content from other sites. Merging the template with your existing site will not change the formatting of the existing content you have on your site.)

Direct link to the appropriate request: https://uncch.service-now.com/sp?id=sc_cat_item&sys_id=90cb7656db6d3bc0fcd1dc95ca961926&sysparm_category=d7ba22fedb967780fcd1dc95ca9619a9&catalog_id=-1

Sakai Template Tutorials

The SOE Sakai Template is based on the template developed through UNC Digital and Lifelong Learning. Instructional Designer Paul Wolff developed the following videos to walk through the use of that template.

Sakai Tour

In this video, Paul goes over the basic tools and functionality in Sakai.


SOE Sakai Template Overview
Offered 12/9/2020

Sakai: Getting Started

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