ShareLink Wireless Collaboration Technology enables anyone to wirelessly share content from laptops, smartphones, and tablets to in-room displays. Content can be displayed simultaneously from up to four different devices using either collaboration mode or moderator mode.

  • Collaboration mode allows anyone to display content at any time.
  • Moderator mode ensures only content approved by the moderator is displayed.

The following School of Education rooms are equipped with ShareLink Wireless Collaboration Technology:

Display Begin Presentation Screen

To use ShareLink Wireless Collaboration Technology, select ShareLink as your input on the room control touch panel.

ShareLink input icon on room control touch panel in Peabody G010, 2040, and 3044.
WiFi Present (ShareLink) option on room control touch panel in Peabody 201C.

The in-room display(s) will show you the following on-screen prompt to begin a presentation:

  1. To connect a computer, start by entering the IP address of the ShareLink in a web browser. Go to the Connect a Computer section at the bottom of this page for next steps.
  2. To connect a smart phone or tablet, you need to download the iOS MirrorOp for Extron ShareLink on your mobile device. (Available for iOS and Android). Go to the Connect a Smart Phone or Tablet section at the bottom of this page for next steps.
  3. The ShareLink IP address.
  4. Code needed to connect – changes periodically.

To connect to a ShareLink receiver with a computer, begin by entering in the ShareLink IP Address in a web browser.

The Wireless Collaboration Gateway page will load in the browser window:

Installing Software

Click the appropriate button to download and install temporary connection software on your computer.

  1. Open the file that downloads after clicking the link.
  2. Click “Yes” if prompted to allow the app to make changes to your PC.
  1. Open the downloaded file.
  2. Open the ShareLink 200 app that appears as a mounted volume on desktop.
  3. Click “Open” when the ShareLink 200 application download is complete.

NOTE: If you would like to install a permanent application for your computer to connect to any ShareLink receiver, download and install the Pro version of the software from the Wireless Collaboration Gateway page.

Once the software installation is complete, you will be prompted on your computer to connect.

The Connecting screen will appear while the connection is being established with the ShareLink receiver.

Once the connection has been established with the ShareLink receiver, the login screen will appear.

  1. Receiver- Make sure this matches the room you are in.
  2. Code- Enter the code displayed on the Begin Presentation screen on the in-room display or on the room control touch panel.
  3. User Name- Enter a name that will identify you during the collaboration session.
  4. Click Connect. The Share My Screen controls will appear.

Sharing Your Computer Screen

  1. Select how you would like to share your screen using the Share to… drop down menu below the Play button.
  2. Click the Play button to start sharing your screen.
  3. Click the Stop button to stop sharing your screen.
  4. Click the at the top left to disconnect your computer from the ShareLink session.

To connect to a ShareLink receiver with a smart phone or tablet, you must first download the MirrorOp for Extron ShareLink app on your device. (Available for iOS and Android)

Once the app is installed, make sure your phone is connected to a UNC Wi-fi Network (Eduroam, UNC-PSK, or UNC-Guest).

  1. Open the MirrorOp for Extron ShareLink app on your phone.
  2. Click the receiver icon at the top right of the screen. The app will display a search icon.
  3. Tap Manual Input. You will receive a prompt to enter an IP address.
  4. Enter the IP Address that is displayed on the Begin Presentation Screen on the in-room display or on the room control touch panel.
  5. Tap Connect. A new dialog box will appear prompting your to enter a name and code.
  6. Enter a name to identify yourself during the collaboration session. Enter the Sharelink code that is displayed on the Begin Presentation Screen on the in-room display or on the room control touch panel.
  7. Tap Connect. The receiver icon at the top left will turn green and sharing options will appear.

Library – Share documents or photos stored on your device.

Browser – Opens a web browser to share.

Camera – Share a live view of your camera.

Cloud – Integrates with various services to allow you share content stored in the cloud.

Shot & Show – Share screenshots from your device.

Settings – Access app settings

Sharing Content

After selecting a share option, additional options will appear across the top of the screen.

  • Tap the Play button to begin sharing.
  • Tap the Window button to select the location to display your content on the screen.
  • Tap the Home button to return to the Share Options screen.
  • To disconnect your device from the Sharelink receiver, close the app.

NOTE:  If your device keeps apps running in the background when you return to your home screen, you will remain connected to the ShareLink receiver. You will need to close the app completely to disconnect.

By default, the ability connect to a ShareLink receiver and share content is open to anyone with access to the receiver IP address and the connection code.

Moderating presentations enables you to control what content is shared on the screen. The room control touch panel offers limited moderation control, but any connected user can override the settings chosen on the room control touch panel. True presentation moderation is achieved through the use of the ShareLink Moderate Presentation web interface.

Starting a Moderate Presentation Session

  1. Open a web browser and enter the Sharelink receiver IP address. The Wireless Collaboration Gateway page will load in the browser window.
  2. Click the Moderate Presentation button. You will be prompted to enter a password.
  3. Enter the moderator password (Peabody) and click Login. The moderation control screen will load.
  1. Allow control from this page only when checked prevents users from starting their own sharing session.
    NOTE: Even if this option is enabled, users always maintain control to stop sharing content from their connected device.
  2. Connected Users lists the of names provided by all users who are currently connected to the receiver.
  3. Share Control allows you to control which users are displayed on which parts of the screen. Using the Play/Stop button and the screen location drop down to control the shared content of each user.
  4. Receiver Info lists the receiver you are connected to and the current access code.
  5. Logout logs you off as the moderator of the current presentation session. Presentation moderators should always log out when the presentation session is complete.

ShareLink Wireless Collaboration Technology provides the ability to view the content being shared during a presentation session in web browser window.

Example Scenario: An instructor is using Sharelink to share content on the in-room display. Students simultaneously view the shared content with in a web browser window on their personal devices.

NOTE: The device(s) that are sharing content during the presentation session must “Enable WebShare.” Enable WebShare within the the settings menu of the Extron App running on the computer or mobile device.

Displaying Session Content In a Web Browser Window

  1. Open a web browser and enter the Sharelink receiver IP address. The Wireless Collaboration Gateway page will load in the browser window.
  2. Click the Watch Presentation button. The content currently being shared during the presentation session will load within the browser.
  3. Close the browser window to end the Watch Presentation session.

These touch panel controls are NOT available in 201C.

Once ShareLink is selected as the active input on the room control touch panel, buttons will appear on the display:

  1. Disconnect All Users Button disconnects all users from the ShareLink receiver completely, it does not just disconnect their shared content.
  2. Presentation Controls Button presents control options for users currently connected to the ShareLink receiver.
  3. Reboot ShareLink Button restarts the ShareLink receiver. This should be used if there appears to be problems with the ShareLink functionality.
  4. The IP address and access code are displayed on the touch panel. This is the same information that is on the Begin Presentation screen on the in-room display.

Presentation Controls

When you tap the Presentation Controls button, a screen with further control options will appear.

  1. User Buttons show who is connected to the ShareLink receiver. The user you have selected to control will be highlighted.
  2. Refresh Button refreshes the connected user list.
  3. Screen Assignment Buttons displays the content of the selected user on the corresponding area of the screen (full screen, top/bottom left, top/bottom right).
  4. Stop User Button stops the selected user’s current screen content sharing.
  5. Disconnect User Button disconnects the selected user completely for the ShareLink session.
  6. Disconnect All Users Button will disconnect all users completely from the ShareLink session

NOTE: Users can override your settings here, for full moderated control see the Moderating Presentations section above.