What is an Auxiliary Website?

An Auxiliary Website is a website created, maintained or supported by faculty or staff, as well as students who are delegated by SOE faculty or staff to manage an auxiliary website, related to official job responsibilities or official school-sanctioned activities. 

Hosting and Branding

Auxiliary Websites are hosted via the tarheels.live platform and use the WordPress content management system. They are branded with School of Education branding. There are two branded templates available:

Who manages Auxiliary Websites?

A School of Education faculty or staff member must serve as Site Owner for an Auxiliary Website. Site Owners are responsible for managing the content on the website and for reporting technical or security issues to the Webmaster. See the Auxiliary Website Policy for full details on Site Owner responsibilities.

The Webmaster builds the website and manages all technical production. The Webmaster is also available for consultation, troubleshooting, and other website maintenance needs.

Examples of Auxiliary Websites

How do I create an Auxiliary Website?

First, review the Auxiliary Website Policy to determine whether your site fits under this designation. Then, determine the Site Owner (see role definitions in Auxiliary Website Policy) and any additional faculty, staff or students who will be building and maintaining the website.

Finally, submit a help ticket to officially start the process.

How to Submit a Help Ticket for an Auxiliary Website

  1. Submit a ticket via: SOE Marketing and Communications
  2. In the field “What would you like to request?”, choose “Website Addition/Edit.” Click Next Button.
  3. In the field “What kind of web content change request is this?”, choose “New Auxiliary Site.”
  4. Complete the required fields.
  5. Submit Ticket
  6. We will initiate the website build and follow up with the Site Owner for site development.