Shared network folders are provided for various departments, projects, and groups within the School of Education. These folders are housed on the SOE Secure Drive (SOE’s allotted space on campus secure storage).  Contact EdIT about the creation of a shared network folder or to get access to an existing shared network folder. Access requests to existing shared network folders require approval from the folder’s current “owner.”

Note: Each shared folder previously appeared as a single mapped drive, and each of these were often referred to as a “shared drive.” See the article on the SOE File Server Migration project for more information.

Off-Campus Access

A VPN Connection is required to map and access network drives when outside of the UNC network.

Mapping the SOE Secure Drive

Additional information and directions for connecting/mapping to a network drive can be found below based on the operating system running on your computer.

On an SOE-owned Windows PC that is accessed by logging in with your ONYEN and password, your personal drive and the SOE Secure Drive should map automatically when you log in to your computer from an on-campus location. If you are off-campus, you’ll need to connect to VPN before drives will connect.

If you are connected to the internet on (and VPN if off-campus) and one of your drives happens to disappear within File Explorer, restart your computer and the drives will re-map at login (or when VPN is re-connected if off-campus).

For non-SOE-owned Windows PCs or any PC that does not required you to log in with your ONYEN and password, or if your mapped drive does not appear for any reason, complete the following steps:

  1. Open File Explorer. The File Explorer window will open.
  2. In the sidebar of the File Explorer window, right-click on This PC and select Map network drive… The map network drive dialog box will open.
  3. Complete the following:
    • For the drive letter, select S: if mapping the SOE Secure Drive, or any other available letter for a personal drive.
    • For Folder, type:
      • \\ad.unc.edu\soe\Secure for the SOE Secure Drive.
    • Check Reconnect at logon.
    • If connecting from a computer where you are not signed in with your onyen (e.g. from a personal device), check Connect using different credentials.
  4. Click Finish. A Windows security dialog box will appear.
  5. Enter AD\<Your ONYEN> and ONYEN Password in the user name and password fields.
  6. Click OK. The drive will map as a network location under “This PC”and display as an available drive that will include the drive letter you selected and the drive name.

Network drives must be manually mapped on all Mac computers. To map a network drive, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Finder from your Dock.
  2. At the menu at the top of the screen, choose Go -> Connect to Server. The Connect to Server window opens.
  3. Enter the server address:
    • cifs://ad.unc.edu/soe/Secure for the SOE Secure Drive.
  4. Press the “+” button if you would like to add the server address to the Favorite Servers list.
  5. Click Connect. A connection will be made to the server and window will appear asking for connection details.
  6. Select/Enter the following:
    • Connect As: Registered User
    • Name:  ad\<Your ONYEN>
    • Password: <Your ONYEN Password>
  7. Click Connect. The connected network folder opens as a new window and a volume with the drive name will appear on the desktop.

Adding a Quick Launch Shortcut to the Dock (Optional)

To create a shortcut to the network drive in the dock, drag the volume icon with the drive name (located on the desktop) to the shortcuts area of the dock (left of the trashcan). An icon will be placed in the dock. Click on this for access to the share at any time.