Note: This is an active EdIT project, and the SOE Official Communications groups are not yet leveraged for the purposes outlined on this page.


The School of Education role-based groups provide a solution for official communications to SOE stakeholders. The listing of of groups can be found here: SOE Official Communications Groups

Sending Group Emails

When sending emails to a group, only those who meet the “Send Rights” criterion will have access.

Note: There is a select group designated by the Dean with access to send to all SOE groups, regardless of any other restrictions. This does not give this group access to receive group emails unless otherwise included on the to/cc/bcc lines. Groups with the “Send Rights” listed as “Restricted” are limited to this group.

Receiving Emails

Only people who meet the explicit membership criteria will receive group emails, unless otherwise included on the to/cc/bcc lines. E.g. only SOE Full Professors would receive an email sent to – no one else would receive a copy.

Replying to Emails

When replying to a group email, the group email address will act the same as an individual email address. If you reply, only the sender will receive your email; if you reply all it will go to the group.