Note: This is an active EdIT project, and the SOE Official Communications groups are not yet leveraged for the purposes outlined on this page.


The School of Education role-based groups provide a solution for managing permissions for Office 365 and other campus resources.

Leveraging Groups for Access

Leveraging groups for access should be implemented in a specific way. If you need to grant access to a specific resource using our official role-based groups, please submit a help request.

The current School level resources with access driven by SOE official role-based groups are:

ResourceAccess Groups
SOE-Resources OneDrive spaceGroup A, Group B [pending Dean’s Cabinet]
EdHub Microsoft TeamGroup X, Group Y [pending Dean’s Cabinet]

Group Listings

The majority of the groups are listed here: SOE Official Communications Groups

Several groups are also maintained for access and/or administrative purposes. If you need to grant access to a group not listed in the link above, please submit a request to EdIT via to discuss your needs.