Service Summary

When a set of users all need access to a technology resource (e.g. an email distribution group) we add them to a Role-Based Group. We can then give the entire group access to that resource in the same way and at the same time, rather than on an individual basis.

At the School of Education we use Role-Based Groups to determine email distribution group membership, manage permission levels in applications (like Office 365), and handle access to other campus IT resources. Each group includes explicit membership criteria and has its own process for adding and removing members.

Group Listings

Group listings with name, email address, membership criteria, and record keeper can be found here:

School of Education Official Communications Groups

Available to:

Faculty, Staff, and Students


No cost


Group Membership: Record Keepers

Technical Support: Available from EdIT Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.

  • Help Request:
  • Phone: 919-966-6220
  • Office: Peabody Hall G060

Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures governing the Role-Based groups can be found here: School of Education Role-Based Groups Policies and Procedures(Login Required)

Record Keepers

Record keepers are the people who determine the criteria that governs which users belong to which Role-Based Groups. They are also responsible for periodic review of their groups to ensure that the right users are still included in the membership. Record keeper designations are included in the group listings.

Extramural membership to groups for those who do not meet the criterion must be approved by the Dean.

Record Keeper Responsibilities:

  1. Participate in prompt on/off boarding communication to EdIT for users with role-based status changes.
  2. Participate in periodic review of groups. Frequency defined per group.


In Scope

  • School level groups with explicit role-based criteria (e.g. employee type, student type)

Out of Scope

  • Ad-hoc & working groups, which by nature do not fall into explicit role-based definitions
  • EdIT management of resources (e.g. MS Teams) that operate below the school level

Maintenance Schedule

Groups are reviewed and/or updated on an annual, semester, and/or mid-semester basis. yearly or semesterly basis. Group review is broken down into employee groups and student groups, and the review period is defined per group.

Employee Groups

  • Annual Review:
    • Position Type (HR) Groups: August
    • Functional Groups: June
  • Semester (spring, summer, fall) Review:
    • Position Type (HR) Groups: January, May, & August
    • Functional Groups: January, June, & August

Student Groups

  • Fall semester review: two weeks before fall semester classes
  • Fall mid-semester review: fall census
  • Spring semester review: two weeks before spring semester
  • Spring mid-semester review: spring census
  • Summer semester review: post-spring graduation 

Access Update

Groups are updated as needed without a necessary maintenance window. However, some resources require a brief outage to update the membership as detailed in the appropriate service offering.

Service Offerings

School of Education Official Communications

School of Education Role-Based Access