EdIT maintains shared network printers that can be used by faculty and staff for printing directly from SOE-owned devices. Printers are available throughout Peabody Hall and at the Carolina Center for Educational Excellence (CCEE) at Smith Middle School.

Direct Printing vs. Follow-Me Printing

There are two categories of printers available for faculty/staff to add to SOE-owned devices: Direct and Follow-Me

Direct Printers are traditional printers. When you print to a Direct Printer, the print job immediately prints at that device.

Follow-Me Printers are not physical printers, but instead are like a holding zone. Jobs sent to these Follow-Me printers can be released at any Xerox printer in Peabody Hall.

Direct and Follow-Me printing is available only for SOE Employees using SOE-owned devices. Printing from non-SOE-owned devices to select network shared printers is available to SOE faculty and staff (including students who are SOE employees) via Web Print.

Using the Follow-Me Printers is highly recommended, but there may be circumstances in which printing directly to a specific printer may be helpful.

Adding Printers to your Computer

Use the workflow below to add printers to your SOE-owned device.

The SOE Follow-Me Printers are pre-loaded for SOE-owned devices, but they can be removed and re-added via the method below.

Follow-Me Printers will be added automatically to any SOE-Owned Windows computer you log into. Additional printers can be added with the following steps.

  1. Click on the search bar beside the start menu and search for Printers. Select Add Printer (or select Printers and Scanners, then click Add Printer or Scanner)
    Screenshot of the windows add printer option
  2. Your computer will start searching for printers, but will not find the SOE printers because they are not published in the directory. Instead, wait for the option The printer I want isn’t listed to appear, then click on the option.
    Note: If an approval dialog box appears at this point, click Yes.
  3. Choose the option Select a shared printer by name, then type \\soeprint\. All of the SOE Printers will then appear. Click the one you want to add, then click Finish to add the printer.

Optional Steps: Select a default printer

  1. While still in the Printers and Scanners window, scroll down and uncheck the option Let Windows manage my default printer.
  2. Locate the printer you want to make your default printer. Click on it, then select Manage.
  3. Click Set as Default

If you have been assigned a macOS computer by EdIT, Follow-Me Printers will be mapped upon setup. Additional printers can be added with the following steps.

  1. Open the Self Service application on your computer.
  2. In the sidebar, select UNC-Printing. Icons for all SOE shared network printers will appear.