Follow-Me Printing vs. Traditional (Direct) Printing

In a traditional Direct Printing scenario, you choose a document to print, choose a printer or multi-function device (MFD) to send it to, and the document prints immediately. While this is straightforward, it’s not always ideal for the workplace. Here are some situations that most of us have encountered while using this Direct Printing workflow:

  • The copier is out of paper
  • Someone else is printing a high-volume print job (e.g. course packets)
  • Your print job is covered by other pages that haven’t been picked up yet
  • Needing access to a printer you don’t often use
  • Needing to print sensitive documents while not standing at the device

Follow-Me printing works around these issues by letting you choose the printer after you send the print job. Instead of choosing a device to send your job(s) to directly, you send the job to a special Follow-Me printer, then choose a printer to release the job(s).

Follow-Me printing in Peabody Hall

Choosing a Follow-Me Printer

Currently, EdIT provides two Follow-Me printers:

  • SOE Color
  • SOE Black and White

Both printers print 1-sided by default.

Printing Workflow

Before you can use Follow-Me Printing, you’ll need to add one of the printers listed above to your computer. Instructions for adding a printer are available in the article Print/Scan/Copy: Adding a Shared Network Printer.

After adding a Follow-Me printer, use the following steps to print your document(s):

  1. From the open document or application, select the Print option.
  2. Choose a Follow-Me printer that matches your desired printing needs (i.e. color or black and white).
  3. (Optional) Change print options as needed (i.e. 2-sided, staple).
  4. (Optional) Repeat the previous steps for all items you need to print.
  5. Walk to any available School of Education Xerox MDF.
  6. Log in to the device, then release the print job(s).

Some settings, such as color/black and white or 1-sided/2-sided can be changed on the device before you release the job. See the PaperCut Interface > Print Release documentation for complete instructions.

Note: Not all MFDs support the same print options (e.g. paper size, finishing). For a comparison of featured supported by each MFD, see the Device Model Comparison on the Print/Scan/Copy: Overview page.