This article covers frequently asked questions and troubleshooting steps for printing, scanning, and copying within the School of Education.


Employees of SOE (including student employees) using an SOE-owned device have access to all device features for all Xerox MFDs in Peabody Hall. This includes Direct and Follow-Me printing, copying, and scanning. See Print/Scan/Copy: Overview for more information.

Employees of SOE using non-SOE-owned devices (such as personal laptops) can print using Web Print.


Check the printer queue for error messages, then expand the corresponding message below for more information. If you continue to have problems, please contact EdIT.

Hold for Authentication

Log out and back in, or restart the computer. This usually occurs because the authentication ticket your computer obtains at login has expired. Logging out and back in or restarting retrieves a new authentication ticket.

Printer is paused

Click the Play button near the top of the window.

Your computer is missing some required software

Open Self Service, then run the SOE Printer Setup action. Re-add any printers as needed.

This can happen if the copier does not have the correct paper size available. Ensure that the correct paper size is loaded in the corresponding paper tray or the bypass tray, then go to Device Access > Jobs and resume the job.

You cannot change a 2-sided job to 1-sided at the copier. However, you can do the opposite and turn a 1-sided job to 2-sided.

If both dimensions of your print job are larger than 8.5″ (e.g. Tabloid, which is 11×17) on a small MFD (VersaLink c405), it will be printed on 8.5×11 paper. If you need to print on large format media, release your print job at a large MFD. A list of large MFDs and their locations is available on the printing overview page.

Currently, Direct and Follow-Me printing are only available on Mac and PC computers. Web Print may be available on some other devices.


The easiest option is to simply scan to yourself, then forward the message. If that isn’t an option, you can use the native Xerox Email workflow and specify any recipient email address you choose.


From the PaperCut Home Screen, select Access Device, then select Copy. See the PaperCut MF Interface section on the overview page for further instructions.