Listserv Best Practices

When sending an email to a listserv, add your own email address in the “To:” field and the listserv address in the “BCC:” field. This ensures that any out-of-office replies come to you instead of the entire list.

When replying to a listserv message, please do not choose “reply-all” as this sends your reply to the entire list.


Caroline Weaver

Shauna Harris

Audrey Fulton

Faculty & Staff Lists

DescriptionList AddressSend RightsMaintained By
SOE Facultysoefac@listserv.unc.eduAll list membersEdIT
SOE Staffsoestaff@listserv.unc.eduAll list membersEdIT
SOE Faculty Executive Councilsoe-fec@listserv.unc.eduAll list membersFEC via request to EdIT

Student Listservs

DescriptionList AddressSend RightsMaintained By
SOE Doctoral Studentssoedoctoral@listserv.unc.eduAll list membersStudent Services
SOE Master’s Studentssoemasters@listserv.unc.eduAll list membersStudent Services
SOE Education Minor Studentsed-minor@listserv.unc.eduAll list membersStudent Services
SOE HDFS Studentshdfs@listserv.unc.eduAll list membersStudent Services
SOE Music Education Studentsmusic-ed@listserv.unc.eduAll list membersStudent Services
SOE Pre-MAT Studentspre-mat@listserv.unc.eduAll list membersStudent Services
SOE UNC-BEST Studentsunc-best@listserv.unc.eduAll list membersStudent Services

**Please contact Administrative Support Specialists for program specific student listservs.**

List Maintenance

To request changes to official SOE lists, please submit your request as follows:

Lists will be updated in real time, whenever possible. Prompts to ask for updates to lists requiring information from other administrators will be sent out at the beginning of the three major academic periods: fall, spring, and summer.