Capacity: 32
Conferencing Options: Zoom, via room PC
Annotation Options: Chalkboard
Technology: Projector & Room PC w/ webcam & microphone


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Student Affairs

Technical Help

Room Guide

Note: Peabody 2018 is only setup to use the in room computer. It is not setup to enable you to connect your own laptop.

Starting Up the Room

  1. Turn on the projector using the controls on the projector itself:
    projector controls
  2. Log into the computer using your onyen username & password. A local guest account is also available. Login information is noted on the keyboard.

Hosting a Zoom Session

  1. Start up the room as detailed above.
  1. Navigate to unc.zoom.us and launch or join your Zoom session
  2. Connect the PC audio to your Zoom session:
    zoom screenshot
  3. Ensure “Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Logi Group Speakerphone)“ is selected as the microphone and the speaker:
    zoom screenshot
  4. Ensure “Logi Group Camera” is selected as the camera:
    zoom screenshot
  5. Controlling the Camera & Speakerphone:
    logitech controls
    1. Presets: Helpful camera position presets
    2. Zoom: Controls camera zoom
    3. Pan/Tilt: Controls camera position
    4. Mic/Speaker: Controls speaker volume and microphone mute

For more information about using Zoom, please visit the UNC Zoom software site.