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Each classroom is setup the same way. Rooms have one projector and one SmartBoard, and are controlled via a touch panel located on the podium. Classrooms have a dedicated computer and a variety of wired and wireless options to connect a laptop. Each room also has high-end webcams and microphones to facilitate web conferencing via the classroom PC.

Room Guide

The Basics

This section covers the basics of operating the SOE classrooms.

Operating the Room

touch panel screenshot
  1. Inputs: Select the desired input from the buttons here. Inputs include:
    1. Room PC: PC dedicated to the conference room. Wireless keyboard and mouse located within the room used for control.
    2. VGA: Wired VGA laptop connection.
    3. ShareLink: Extron ShareLink device used for displaying device agnostic content wirelessly. See Using Wireless Collaboration with ShareLink for additional information.
    4. Blu-ray: Blu-ray player – located within the equipment rack.
    5. HDMI: Wired HDMI laptop connection.
    6. Not Pictured – Doc Cam: Document camera. (Note: not all rooms are equipped with a document camera. Rooms that are may have a ceiling mount or a draw camera.)
  2. Projector & Smart Board Control: Controls to power on and video mute the displays, and manually raise and lower the projector screen.
  3. Volume Control & Room Power: Volume indicator, control, and room power.
  4. Input Info/Control: Displays information and/or controls for the selected input.

In Room Microphones

In most SOE classrooms, in room microphones are available to amplify the instructor within the classroom.

Using the Microphones

In rooms where microphones are installed, there is an option of a lapel mic or a handheld mic. Only one microphone can be used at a time.

  1. Select which microphone you would like to use
  2. Turn the power switch on
  3. That’s it! If the mic will not turn on, it likely needs new batteries.
picture of microphones

Hosting a Zoom Session

All SOE classrooms have been equipped with high-end, full room capturing, microphone arrays and two cameras (one PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera for capturing the instructor and one wide angle static camera for capturing class participants) to facilitate high quality Zoom sessions.

How to Host a Zoom Session

  1. Boot up the room, select PC as the input, and log into the classroom computer
  2. Navigate to and launch or join your Zoom session
  3. Connect the PC audio to your Zoom session:
    zoom screenshot
  4. Ensure Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (HDL300) is selected as the microphone and “Extron HDMI (Intel(R) Display Audio” as the speaker:
    zoom screenshot
  5. Select the camera you would like to use
  6. For the instructor view, select “AW-UE70” as the camera
    zoom screenshot
  7. For the class view, select “Jabra PanaCast” as the camera
    zoom screenshot

For more information about using Zoom, please visit the UNC Zoom software site.

Controlling the Instructor View PTZ Camera

The instructor view is a PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera that can be controlled from the classroom touch panel. To adjust the camera shot:

  1. Push the “Camera Controls” button from the PC input control dialog:
    touch panel screenshot
  2. Use the Camera Control menu to adjust the shot:
    touch panel screenshot
    1. Pan/Tilt: Moves the camera left/right (pan) and up/down (tilt)
    2. Home: Returns the camera to the home position
    3. Zoom: Adjusts the zoom of the camera in/out
    4. Preset: Recalls helpful camera preset positions

Available Audio & Video Devices

Available camera options you will see in Zoom:

  1. Jabra PanaCast: class view camera
  2. AW-UE70: instructor view camera

It is recommended that you select Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (HDL300) as your microphone in Zoom, but you will see a variety of options:

  1. Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (HDL300): Recommended device, full room mic array
  2. Microphone (AW-UE70): Do not use, microphone built into the instructor view PTZ camera
  3. Same as System: Do not use, system audio device cannot be relied on to be set correctly

It is recommended that you select “Extron HDMI (Intel(R) Display Audio” as your speaker in Zoom, but you will see a variety of options:

  1. Speakers: Do not use, internal computer speakers
  2. Extron HDMI (Intel(R) Display Audio): Recommended device, room speakers
  3. Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (HDL300): Not recommended, full room mic array speakers
  4. Same as System: Do not use, system audio device cannot be relied on to be set correctly

Need Help?

If you need immediate assistance, please call: 919-843-6296. Otherwise, please submit a help request via